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The Medieval Tavern in the Old Town in Prague

The Medieval Tavern is a large historic restaurant in the Old Town in Prague. It lays on the finest medieval banquet in the city. As you enter the Medieval Tavern, the sights and smells transport you back through the ages. Guests are seated at dark wooden tables lit by candlelight, while the hustle and bustle of entertainers and scrumptious serving wenches is all around. Above, ropes hang down from thick

Organising a trip to Prague for a group of friends or a family

Organising a trip to Prague for a group of friends or a family can be quite a task, so staying in a good hotel or apartment in the city centre, with easy access to all the sights and entertainment makes life much easier. This is where comes in. As well as catering for individual travellers, this company has a professional group booking service and helpline. Contact them for a

Prague Tourist Information & Travel Guide

For information on sightseeing, entertainment and nightlife in Prague, visit This website explains the layout of Prague, features practical tourist information, lists the sights and attractions and the opera, theatre and concert performances, and gives public transport information and travel advice. You can also book restaurants, hotels and airport transfers.